10 tips for wise credit card use
News from CBC.ca:

Following are 10 tips for wise credit card use, from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada:

1. Know what you’re getting into. Read the terms and conditions of the legally binding contract carefully to understand how they apply and your responsibilities. Having a credit card doesn’t increase the amount of money you have available to spend. Continue to live within your means and your budget.

2. Set the goal to pay off your balance in full by the due date every month. Carrying a balance means that everything you charge to your credit card actually costs you more than the purchase price, because you are paying interest. And the longer you carry a balance, the higher the cost.

3. If you can’t pay your monthly balance in full and the outstanding balance is growing, you are spending more than you can afford and going further into debt. If you find y…………… continues on CBC.ca
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