Credit Card Application Rejected? 3 Steps to Getting Next One Approved
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There’s no doubt about it — rejection hurts! Especially when you were counting on getting a shiny new credit card to stash in your wallet — for emergencies, an upcoming vacation or to make a big purchase with low interest.

If you do apply for credit and get turned down, though, don’t sink into despair. Instead, know what steps you can take to find out why you were rejected, fix the problem and, eventually, get the plastic you desire.

Step No. 1: Find out why
Getting a rejection letter when you’re expecting a card can be upsetting, but don’t toss that piece of paper aside. Instead, read it to find out the reason for the rejection, and call the company for further details if necessary. Here are some factors experts say can play a part in getting denied a credit card:

*You made a mistake on your application. “Maybe, for example, you’re missing employment or income information,” says Carrie Coghill, director of consumer educa…………… continues on Fox Business
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Heading out of the country? Call your credit card company
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If you’re headed out of the country and plan to play with plastic, call your credit card company and the bank that issued your debit card and let them know your travel plans.

Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise: your card could be turned off.

Banks and credit card companies use computer programs to monitor transactions, and they’re always looking for signs of fraud.

If the computer spots unusual charges that are outside your normal profile – for instance you live in Seattle …………… continues on KOMO News

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