Mayor Rahm Emanuel Orders City Agency Credit Card Use to Cease After FOX …
News from MyFox Chicago:

Updated: Friday, 03 Jun 2011, 9:33 PM CDT
Published : Friday, 03 Jun 2011, 7:53 PM CDT

Chicago – Putting it on plastic is okay if you’re paying the bill. But apparently a number of Chicago employees are using their city credit cards to stick it to taxpayers.

On Friday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued a memo to his cabinet, and the heads of sister agencies like the Park District, CTA and CHA ordering that credit card usage cease immediately. The memo also ordered that all credit card accounts be terminated.

The mayor writes he has “…learned that government employees have used those cards to pay for expenses such as dinners at expensive restaurants, gift cards, flowers, and, disturbingly, city-issued red light tickets. This is completely unacceptable to me and I am troubled by the disrespect this shows for the hard-earned dollars taxpayers give the City of Chicago.”

Last month

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Ten tips for smart travel this summer
News from Kansas City Star:


McClatchy Newspapers

Illustrated by Matte Stephens/Di

Illustrated by Matte Stephens/Disney FamilyFun Magazine

Whether you’re heading out on a road trip or getting on a plane, here are 10 tips for smart travel this summer:

1. Alert your bank and credit card company that you’ll be traveling (especially overseas). Bank fraud departments are vigilant about unusual activity on customers’ cards. If they see an ATM purchase in Spain, they typically will call you to verify charges. If you miss the call, your credit card could be frozen while on vacation.

2. Be aware of fees. When booking flights, note all extra charges, such as for checked bags, meals, even blankets. Sometimes the “lowest fare” doesn’t include those extras. Same with hotel fees.

3. Trip …………… continues on Kansas City Star
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How do we cut our national credit card debt?

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How do we cut our national credit card debt?
News from Herald Sun:

Justine Davies, Bruce Brammel, Mark Bouris and Kerrin Falconer Source: National Features

OUR cross-generational finance experts tackle the big issues. Today: Australia’s credit card debt.

OUR national credit card debt is almost $ 50 billion, and we’re paying interest on $ 36 billion. How do we cut it?

Gen X: Bruce Brammall

IS THAT all? Just the $ 36 billion? Come on Australia! That’s nothing. My out-of-control, credit-card addict grandma owes nearly a quarter of that herself.

Are the rest of you really even trying? I … think … not!

The Reserve Bank says the average credit card debt is $ 3321, which means you’re paying nearly $ 50 a month in interest. It’s not tax deductible…………… continues on Herald Sun
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Credit hotlines are open, yet phones are silent
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Toll-free numbers for nonprofit credit counselors began appearing on credit card statements more than a year ago. Yet counselors say their phones aren’t ringing.

It could be that cardholders simply don’t bother checking their statements. Or they may fear reaching out for help would be futile, or even damage their credit scores.

Whatever the reasons, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling says its member agencies received a mere 150,000 calls from credit card statements. That’s despite the phone numbers having been printed on 500 million statements since February of last year.

The inclusion of the phone numbers was part of the sweeping credit card regulations known as the CARD Act. In addition to banning numerous billing practices, the law required the revamping of statements to make clear the interest costs of carrying a balance. The idea was to help borrowers get debt under control.

If you’re curious about what help cred…………… continues on
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