Choose the right credit card
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FAIRBANKS — A credit card is like a chain saw — it’s a handy tool, but it can create havoc if used improperly. The same advice applies — choose the right tool for the job and follow safety rules.

Credit cards are not alike. That’s why it’s important to review a card’s terms and costs before you apply for it.

In general, if you expect to pay your credit card bill each month, choose a card that has no annual fee and has rebates or rewards that work for you. Make sure the creditor grants you a “grace period” before incurring interest charges; not all card companies offer this option. The problem with this type of card is you pay interest from the date of purchase.

If you don’t expect to pay your card balance most months, go for a card with a lower Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and rebates or rewards that will justify any fees. Watch for teaser rates. If the card has a low, introductory interest rate, be sure you know when the higher rate will take effect and what that rate wi…………… continues on Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
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