Should College Students Have a Credit Card?
News from Fox Business:

Parents have enough to worry about when sending their kids off to college: Will they go to class? Will they eat healthy? Will they party too much? But within the last decade a new worry has emerged: Will they rack up too much credit card debt?

Student loan debt recently surpassed total credit card debt in the U.S. and according to Consumer Reports, the 2011 graduating class of college seniors had the highest average debt to date. In the face of rising tuition rates, more college students are turning to credit cards to cover expenses.

But college kids need to be smart about their credit histories and the debt they are able to take on (and pay off). Erik Larson, president and founder of consumer information resource, equates a student’s credit score with their GPA.

“If you have really poor grades your freshman year, it’s going to be a real uphill battle to have a good GPA by your senior year…………… continues on Fox Business
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