Pay It Forward: Look to the future by paying off your debt today
News from Belleville News Democrat:

So you’re in debt. You’re not alone. According to, the average credit card debt per household is $ 14,743. And while misery loves company, nobody loves debt. So resolve to get rid of it today. Here are four important steps:

1. Take stock. If you’re serious about eliminating debt, gather your paperwork and sit down at the kitchen table with pencil, paper and a calculator and get to work. Do not round your $ 2,196.78 bill down to $ 2,000. Write down every single penny you owe.

2. Absorb the shock. This step is probably the hardest, but also the most important one in the plan. Stare at your total. Let the reality of how much you owe sink in and become real. How much do you make per hour? Use the calculator to figure out how many hours you will have to work at your current rate to pay off your debt. Don’t even worry about compounding interest, just see how many hours you will have to devote to paying what you owe toda…………… continues on Belleville News Democrat

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