The latest scam to steal your credit card number
News from Sacramento Bee:

Credit card thieves have found a new way to prey on unsuspecting victims, calling them in the middle of the night in their hotel rooms.

The Better Business Bureau says the caller pretends to be a hotel employee, and says the hotel’s computer system has crashed, and they need your credit card number again.

The caller sometimes offers a discount on the room price for the inconvenience of waking you from your slumber.

The BBB says it’s not sure if the calls are coming from another guest in the hotel, or from someone outside the hotel who has access to the phone numbers of each room.

Don’t let down your guard because you’re groggy from lack of sleep. That’s what these criminals are counting on. If you get a call like this, hang up and call the front desk, or make a trip in person. If there really is a problem and they need your card number, that can be handled at checkout. Don’t provide your credit card number over the phone, no matter how convincing the call…………… continues on Sacramento Bee
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Soon, use credit card to pay for traffic violations
News from Times of India:
CHENNAI: The e-challan system that hit the city streets last week will soon have another add-on — a feature that allows on-the-spot penalty payment through credit cards.

The feature will be part of the second phase of e-challan project. “The second phase, which will allow credit card payments for offences, will take another 2 months. You can say close to August end,” said additional commissioner of police (Traffic) Sanjay Arora.

It will also cut short the job of pen-pushers in the department. “Earlier, there was no option to pay through credit cards. It was either on-the-spot cash payment or through court challans. Now, money will go straight to the state treasury, removing the need for lot of manual work,” the officer said. The two months’ wait was to finalise on payment gateways and migration to the new system, he said.

Under the first phase of e-challan scheme, traffic officers in the city will sp…………… continues on Times of India
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