Muskegon County committee to consider implementation of county credit card use
News from Muskegon Chronicle –

MUSKEGON COUNTY — Muskegon County commissioners are expected to consider two action items concerning a plan to implement credit-card use Thursday during a Ways and Means Committee meeting.

County officials have been working toward the use of credit cards by employees for the purchase of goods and services for official county business.

The agenda features consideration by the committee for acceptance of a proposal from Bank of America for the credit cards and for establishment of a credit-card-use policy.

Based on the staff-recommended policy, Heath Kaplan, the county’s Finance and Management Services director, would be responsible for the issuance of credit cards for use by selected county employees and monitoring of the system.

The committee meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. at the Hall of Justice, 990 Terrace.

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Treasury prints less currency as use of plastic soars
News from The Seattle Times:

WASHINGTON — The number of dollar bills rolling off the great government presses in Washington, D.C., and Fort Worth, Texas, fell to a modern low last year. Production of $ 5 bills also dropped to the lowest level in 30 years. And the Treasury Department did not print $ 10 bills for the first time in that period.

The meaning seems clear. The future is here. Cash is in decline.

You can’t use it for online purchases, nor on many airplanes to buy snacks or duty-free goods. Last year, 36 percent of taxi fares in New York were paid with plastic. At Commerce, a restaurant in Manhattan, the bar menus read, “Credit cards only. No cash please. Thank you.”

There is no definitive data on all of this. Cash transactions are notoriously difficult to track, in part because people use cash when they do not want to be tracked. But a simple ratio is illuminating. In 1970, at the dawn of plastic payment, the value of U.S. currency in domestic circulation equaled about 5 percent of t…………… continues on The Seattle Times
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MONEYWISE: Use caution with ‘professional’ credit cards

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MONEYWISE: Use caution with ‘professional’ credit cards
News from Daily Breeze:

In what looks like a return to better times, credit card companies are reaching out with offers again, and promotion is especially brisk for the so-called “professional” credit cards that typically targeted business owners and professionals. Now, such cards are being marketed to a broad range of individuals regardless of their business or career status.

A recent report from the Pew Charitable Trusts and subsequent analysis by Pew’s Safe Credit Cards Project found that nearly a quarter of all offers involve “professional” (also called “business” or “corporate” cards in some advertising), and that a growing number of consumers are snapping up the offers.

But there’s a hitch with these cards, and it’s a big one: The cards are not subject to the rules and requirements of the 2009 Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act. That landmark legislation went a long way toward protecting consumers from unfair or deceptive practices such as unreasonable …………… continues on Daily Breeze
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6 myths of financial independence

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6 myths of financial independence
News from

By Andrew Housser

Every year, many people resolve to get out of debt or build financial security. By the midpoint of the year, many of their plans have fallen by the wayside. Some people become discouraged when they make slow progress. Others run into personal challenges that derail their financial intentions. Still others fall prey to some of the many myths that abound regarding just what it takes to get out of debt and find financial peace.

This year, consider some of the top myths of financial independence. Think about how these misconceptions may be affecting your financial well-being. Once you bust these myths, you can truly be on the path to a much stronger financial picture. 

  1. Debt is normal and OK. In fact, living with significant debt is a relatively new phenomenon. Long ago, being in debt was considered a crime that could send people to prison. The U.S. government did not even track total consumer revolving de…………… continues on

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