Majority feel their credit card use is reasonable
News from Debtmerica Relief:

Most Americans feel they have their credit card debt under control, but also believe their neighbors and other consumers spend too much on these accounts.

A new poll recently revealed that 71 percent of Americans believe their credit card spending is under control and reasonable, while 86 percent also said they thought other people spent too much, according to Rasmussen Reports. In addition, the majority believed that using these accounts can lead to trouble for other consumers.

In all, 83 percent believed that credit card accounts…………… continues on Debtmerica Relief
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Treasury Prints Less Money As Credit Card Use Climbs
News from The Consumerist:

Last year, the Treasury Department didn’t even bother printing any new $ 10 bills.

NYT reports the number of $ 5 bills the Treasury made fell to a 30 year low, and the number of George Washingtons also hit a new bottom. It’s all about supply and demand. More and more people are opting to use plastic for even small purchases, so there’s not as much need for the paper.

What about coins? Metal currency production is down, but for a different reason. It’s Coinstar. These machines that let you dump in a bucket of coins and get cash back have helped get a massive amount of coins back into circulation, whereas before they would just sit in people’s jars and between their couch cushions. With so many coins coming back into the stream, the Mint does…………… continues on The Consumerist

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