Investigators say counterfeit credit card scam part of larger operation
News from WNCT:

CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. – A counterfeit credit card scam has hackers stealing your information and using it to buy gift cards and electronics.

Highway patrol along with the sheriff’s office and FBI are investigating the scam after two individuals from New York were arrested right here in the east.

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Mark W. Smith: Mobile payments: Use your credit card, swipe it through a cell …
News from Detroit Free Press:

Coming soon to a garage sale near you: “All major credit cards accepted.”

Mobile payment services that turn a smartphone into a credit card terminal for easy transactions are popping up across metro Detroit in places ranging from dog food stores to farmers markets.

The services could forever change how small merchants — and even Girl Scouts — take payments.

After signing up for a mobile payment service, users get a free credit card reader, which usually plugs into the smartphone’s headphone jack. The service then takes a small cut from each transaction and sometimes a flat fee per swipe.

Christopher Gorski, 41, of Ferndale uses the mobile payment service Square to take payments for the Detroit-themed T-shirts he sells out of his 1979 step van (think ice cream truck) at local events and the new Rust Belt Market in Ferndale.

Gorski started using Square in December and says he has seen his sales increase now that he’s no longer limited to accepting …………… continues on Detroit Free Press
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8 Considerations For Using Your Credit Card Abroad
News from San Francisco Chronicle:

Are you planning to travel abroad this summer? Which credit card you take with you on your next international trip could have a big impact on the final cost of your journey and on how smoothly your trip goes. Here are the terms and features you should look for when choosing the right credit card for travel outside the United States.

Foreign Transaction Fees
Many credit cards charge a foreign transaction fee of 3% per purchase. If you pay for all of your hotel stays and most of your meals and other expenses on a credit card while you’re abroad, those repeated 3% fees will add up by the time you get home.

Is it worth it to apply for a new credit card that has no foreign transaction fee? It depends. Estimate how much money you expect to put on your credit card while you’re abroad. In some countries, credit cards are widely accepted, while in others, you’ll have to pay cash for just about everything. If you’…………… continues on San Francisco Chronicle
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