Six Hidden Credit Card Perks

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Six Hidden Credit Card Perks
News from Fox Business:

When it comes to the upside of using a credit card, flashy rewards get all the attention.

After all, who doesn’t want to receive a nice rebate, airline tickets to a dream destination or the chance to mingle at a celeb-studded event?

However, the unseen perks — the meat-and-potatoes benefits — are often overlooked. In the right circumstances, they can be just as valuable.

Two of the lesser-known perks that consumers tend to forget about are price protection and roadside assistance, says Terry O’Neil, executive vice president of North American cards for Citigroup.

The solution: Get “familiar with the benefits your card offers and how to access them,” he says. “Really take full advantage of them.”

Here are six perks your card may offer, along with a couple of tips for making the most of them.

Return Protection

The furniture store finally delivers that matching set…………… continues on Fox Business
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Talking It Over: Credit card fraud hits close to home
News from The Wenatchee World Online:

Stolen identity has gotten more common, it appears. We watched a special the other night noting the problems that stolen identity creates for those who have had the misfortune to have had thieves use their credit cards and other identity cards.

A recent article in Consumer Reports notes that credit card fraud is growing, and that our mag-stripe cards are increasingly out of date. It says most other countries are switching to “smart cards” with computer chips embedded and multiple layers of security.

Credit card fraud has affected almost a third of all users in the last five years, the article says. Checking at our own office, I haven’t found it that high here, but a substantial number of fellow World staffers have had fraudulent use of their cards.

I had someone making multiple phone calls to Canada using my card number not long ago. Naturally, the card companies are not anxious to spend the money to update mag-stripe cards. I wonder how much fraud it will take …………… continues on The Wenatchee World Online
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Consumers catching up on credit card debt

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Consumers catching up on credit card debt
News from Debtmerica Relief:

Once again in June, the number of consumers who fell behind on their credit card payments declined for nearly all major lenders.

The number of delinquent and defaulted credit card accounts dropped to lows not seen in at least three years in June as consumers continued to get a better handle on their finances, according to the latest monthly report from Fitch Ratings. Charge offs fell for the third consecutive month and fourth in the last six, dropping to 7.29 percent of all balances, the lowest since early 2008.

In addition, delinquency – balances 60 days or more behind – fell to just 2.57 perce…………… continues on Debtmerica Relief
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