Google Rolls Out Limited-Use Credit Card to Small Businesses
News from American Banker:

Google Inc. is getting into the business of credit. The online search giant is rolling out a limited-use co-branded MasterCard for small-business owners to help them buy its search-based advertising.

World Financial Capital Bank is issuing the no-annual-fee card, which carries a fixed annual percentage interest rate of 8.99%. There are no rewards associated with the card.

Google is clearly eager to find new audiences for its vaunted search-based advertising services, analysts said, but a narrow-use credit card may not be the smoothest approach to reaching that market.

The technology to restrict purchases to specific types of merchandise or services is not new, and confining cardholders’ purchases to advertising “will certainly limit the issuer’s risk,” said Brian Riley, a senior research director with TowerGroup. But the card appears to be unwieldy in several respects, he said.

“This card, as outlined, creates a lot of extra steps for …………… continues on American Banker
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