Decline in College-Affiliated Credit Cards
News from Business Insider:

College affinity credit cards seem to be especially popular with the alumni of schools such as the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, Penn State and the University of Southern California. Card issuers would set up kiosks across campuses nationwide and at college sporting events, availing students of a myriad of credit card offers, including specialty-offers like cards with no annual fee or zero interest balance transfer. Sometimes kiosk staffers even handed out giveaways like T-shirts and candy as added incentives to apply for a credit card.

Now new Federal Reserve data shows that the amount of credit cards being issued through post-secondary institutions and alumni associations is steadily decreasing. Only 1.7 million were handed out last year as compared to just over 2 million distributed in 2009. Marketing agreements between universities and card-issuin…………… continues on Business Insider
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