New Resident’s Quest for US Plastic

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New Resident’s Quest for US Plastic
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Dear Opening Credits,

I want to apply for a credit card,but I am not sure which one. My credit score is 729. I currently have a secured credit card and a checking account with Bank of America. My income is above $ 70,000, but I am new to this country, having moved here just two years ago. I don’t want to be rejected by a credit card company. Please advise.


Dear Pranav,

No one wants to be rejected by an individual or a business they’d like to attract. But while you can’t guarantee hat your advances will be accepted, you often can make yourself pretty appealing and strengthen your chances. When it comes to a company offering credit cards, that means proving how great of a borrower you’ve been in the past, and how terrific you will likely be in the future.

You may be worrying too much about being denied. It seems to me you’ve got what it takes right now to attain the plastic of…………… continues on Fox Business
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Waitress rips off customers with credit card skimmer
News from WTSP 10 News:

Port Richey, Florida — At least nine customers at the Port Richey Mugs N Jugs fell victim to a credit card skimming waitress, according to Pasco County Sheriff’s Detectives.

“We do have more victims, we’re working on locating them,” said Detective John Suess. He’s encouraging anyone who went to the restaurant to take a close look at their credit card accounts to see if there are fraudulent charges.

The case is centered on 25-year-old waitress, Kathryn Shana’e Perez.

It’s believed she used the tiny skimming device between May 30th and June 23rd.

“During the interview, she identified the people she skimmed were the ones that ran her around, made her work real hard,” said Detective Suess. ‘Maybe she’s scared of a hard day’s work.”

Detectives say her cousin, 25-year old Brandon Quillen have her the skimmer so he could use the information she ripped off from her customers to make new credit cards.

The new, fraudulent cards were then given to Qui…………… continues on WTSP 10 News
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Few Guidelines from the FTC While Settling Credit Card Debt
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By Angela Sanders Wednesday, August 03, 2011, 08:08 AM EDT

People who have severely exploited their credit cards in the past are now striving hard to recover from the situation. Not being able to pay off their credit card debts, they are reaching out to each possible option whenever they see a ray of hope to shed off their debts. This way, these people are falling victim to some illegitimate companies who guarantee to “erase debt for pennies on the dollar”. This article deals with some warnings from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about those scam companies.

In its publication Settling Your Credit Card Debts, the FTC reveals that there is no guarantee that, a debt settlement company will be able to convince the credit card company to accept a partial payment. Even if they can, the clients should keep aside money for th…………… continues on

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Auto Repair, Credit and Debt Issues Top Consumer Complaint List
News from Fox Business:

Credit card billing and fee disputes and aggressive tactics to collect credit card and other debts remain among the top complaints of American consumers, despite new initiatives to protect cardholders, according to a survey released Wednesday by a coalition of government and private consumer advocates.

The comprehensive survey of 31 state, county and city agencies, located in 18 states across the nation, found that the practices of credit card companies, debt collection agencies, credit “repair” firms and other debt-related entities represented the second most common consumer grievance, close behind the perennial No. 1 gripe: transactions involving auto purchases and repairs.

“Given the lingering recession, it is not surprising that credit and debt complaints remain second only to auto problems,” said Anna Huddleston-Aycock, president of the North American Consumer …………… continues on Fox Business
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