Should the Credit CARD Act Extend to Business Credit Cards?
News from Business Insider:

If yesterday’s stock market performance is any indication, we’ll see a retrenchment in which investors and lenders alike reassess small businesses’ probability of survival. More banks are rejecting small business loan applications – according to Pepperdine University, 60% of applications are denied – and this trend seems likely to accelerate. Sclerotic credit markets, combined with weak sales, have led many business owners to turn to credit cards to fund their operations. According to the Federal Reserve, more than 80% of small businesses use a credit card to provide working capital, and 80% of that number use business credit cards. Not only has credit card use risen, but the amount of debt on the cards has grown as well.</…………… continues on Business Insider
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Waitress Credit Card Scam Convinces Me to Use Cash
News from The Stir:

It’s rare that I ever carry cash, mostly because I’m afraid I’ll lose track of it. But after this scary story of a waitress in Florida named Kathryn Shana’e Perez who ripped off her customers with a credit card skimmer, that may have to change.

Here’s how Perez pulled off the elaborate scam: Her cousin allegedly gave her the skimming device and used the information she stole from her customers to make new credit cards. Her cousin’s ex-girlfriend then used the credit cards at Radio Shack and Wal-Mart and sold the merchandise for cash. All in all, guess how much these three ended up charging with the fraudulent credit cards before they got caught?

A whopping $ 5,000!

Of course, what makes this story so disturbing isn’t the amount of money. Rather, it’s the fact that when you hand…………… continues on The Stir
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