California businesses hit consumers with illegal credit card fee
News from Debtmerica Relief:

Some consumers in the state of California may have recently gotten an unpleasant surprise when they attempted to use their credit cards to make a purchase.

A number of small businesses throughout California were recently discovered to be charging consumers small fees for taking on credit card debt to make purchases, according to a report from Visalia television station KMPH. The state currently permits charges of this type to be tacked onto debit card purchases [only], and business owners also have the option of offering discounts for paying with cash.

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Credit card alert: Watch out for business card offers

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Credit card alert: Watch out for business card offers
News from Christian Science Monitor:

Business credit cards don’t come with the same protections as personal credit cards. Unless you own a business, you don’t need a business credit card.

Inundated with credit offers? Well, who isn’t? From April through June, credit card companies sent consumers some 640 million offers – an 83 percent increase over the same period last year.

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If you’re thinking of accepting one of those offers, make sure that it’s for a personal credit card. If you apply for a business credit card, you could run up charges you never expected.

Consumers gained several protections when Congress passed credit card reforms in 2009, known widely as

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US consumer borrowing was up $ 15.5 billion in June
News from Louisville Courier-Journal:

Americans borrowed more money in June than during any other month in nearly four years, relying on credit cards and loans to help get through a difficult economic stretch.

The Federal Reserve said Friday that consumers increased their borrowing by $ 15.5 billion in June. That’s the largest one-month gain since August 2007.

The category that measures credit card use increased by $ 5.2 billion — the most for a single month since March 2008 and only the third gain since the financial crisis. A category that includes auto loans rose by $ 10.3billion, the most since February.

Total consumer borrowing rose to a seasonally adjusted annual level of $ 2.45 trillion. That was 2.1 percent higher than the nearly four-year low of $ 2.39 trillion hit in September.

Borrowing is usually a sign of confidence in the economy. Consumers tend to take on more debt when they feel wealthier.

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