Former anti-drug agency director used credit card for personal use
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The former executive director of the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance used the agency credit card for personal expenses, including airline tickets for her husband, according to credit card records obtained by News Channel 8.

Susan Carrigan, who was the alliance’s executive director from 2006-2009, said she made the purchases on the agency’s credit card, but says she reimbursed the organization.

“All this stuff was on file, everybody reviewed it. There was never anything underhanded. I probably am the most honest person alive,” Carrigan said.

The agency, which receives funding from federal and state grants, is a coalition of government, community and drug prevention agencies working to prevent drug abuse.

In June 2008, Carrigan charged her husband’s $ 202 roundtrip airfare on the agency’s Regions Bank credit card. Her husband, Tom Carrigan, accompanied her to a conference in Nashville, Tenn.

Five days later, she charged another $ 384 roundtrip t…………… continues on
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NYC targets shady companies offering credit card debt relief
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In tough times, companies that promise to cut credit-card debt can sound like a much needed lifeline for consumers maxed out on their personal credit. But New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) warns that “these fee-based debt settlement services are almost never successful.”

According to the DCA, debt settlement companies are—for the fourth year in a row—the top complaints the city agency receives from New Yorkers. These companies charge consumers up-front fees—in some cases, several hundreds of dollars worth of charges—yet deliver on debt reduction less than 1 percent of the time. DCA commissioner Jonathan Mintz said yesterday on the local WCBS news radio station:

When it comes to upfront fee debt settlement, the entire industry, in our opinion, is illegitimate.

Last year, the Federal Trade Commission issued new
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Credit card and student loan debt explode
News from Christian Science Monitor:

Credit card usage increased in June by the largest margin in four years. Are Americans using credit cards more because food and gas costs have been rising?

I meant to get to this during the week when I originally saw it but, well, you know – there were a few other things going on…

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