Police probe reports of credit, debit card fraud
News from TMC Net:
Aug 11, 2011 (Mineral Wells Index – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — On the heels of a widespread information breach in Mineral Wells, banking and security experts advise simple steps to avoid becoming a victim of unauthorized debit or credit card transactions.
MWPD Chief Mike McAllester said Wednesday the department continued to take police reports of unauthorized card use and said investigators spoke with individuals about the possible method criminals used to obtain the information. At this point in the investigation, he said, no further details are available.

Ken Williamson, president and CEO of First Financial Bank, said this is far from just a Mineral Wells concern, adding card fraud has grown more rampant as people continue to rely on their cards for an increasing number of purchases.

The recent string of card fraud did not target any particular bank and Williamson said criminals can …………… continues on TMC Net
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