Oshkosh police need help finding burglary suspects caught on camera
News from Oshkosh Northwestern:
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Small-business Q&A: The credit card challenge
News from Houston Chronicle:

Q: I’m setting up a workshop for folks with a fear of flying. What do I need to do to charge credit cards for the attendees’ registration fees? What kind of account and equipment do I need?

A: You need a merchant account, which you can obtain from a bank, other lending institution or service provider such as PayPal. If you are starting out, it may be hard to find a bank willing to provide an account to someone without a track record. But you could approach a lender or service provider that works with smaller accounts. You might also have better luck if you have an established relationship with your banker.

Being able to accept credit cards is good for your business. Customers appreciate the convenience. You’ll get your money faster than you would if …………… continues on Houston Chronicle
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