Know what you’re getting into with pre-paid debit and credit cards
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‘One hundred percent approval! No credit checks!”

And, apparently, a lot of complaints.

Prepaid debit and credit card companies located in Central, Coastal and Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin have been the subject of more than 320 complaints to the Better Business Bureau since January, says Erin Dufner, senior vice president, communications, for the Central Texas BBB. “There has definitely been an increase.” She added that besides the complaints, the bureau has gotten more than 6,000 inquiries on these companies.

Though standard debit cards draw against a bank account balance and regular credit card accounts draw against a line of credit, their prepaid counterparts draw against a limited amount of money the cardholder has previously placed on them.

There are many reasons consumers use the cards, Dufner says. They are convenient. They’re useful for sending to children in college; parents can control the amount on the card, and it can be reloaded. And…………… continues on Austin American-Statesman
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Debunking Credit Cards Myths
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(Consumer Reports) – As you pull them out of your mailbox, credit-card offers can seem so enticing-zero percent introductory interest rates, attractive cash-back options, and no annual fees. It may seem like the ideal time to get a new credit card. But Consumer Reports says be aware that your credit score can be hurt temporarily when you apply for new cards.

Each time you apply for a card your credit score can take a hit, and you might not want to risk that if you’re applying for a mortgage or other significant loan in the near future.

But if you already have a lot of cards, don’t worry. Contrary to popular belief, having several cards may actually help your credit score if you use them wisely.

The more credit you have available, the better it is for your credit score. But you still have to keep your spending well under your card limits and keep making your payments on time.

Another common misconception is that you should hold on to your oldest credit car…………… continues on
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