Grizzlies coach’s credit card use was quickly reimbursed
News from Fairbanks Daily News-Miner:
FAIRBANKS—When Robert Fuller revealed he wouldn’t be coming back to coach the Fairbanks Grizzlies next season, he also made allegations about money he thinks he’s owed by the Grizzlies, according to his contract.

In an article in Thursday’s News-Miner, Fuller said when “things were tough, (he) stepped up and covered or contributed to (the) player payroll out of (his) own pocket when (the organization) didn’t have the money so (the) players wouldn’t be distracted with pay issues.”

He also said in the article that he used his personal credit card to rent vans and cover gas on road trips.

The Fairbanks Grizzlies don’t dispute that Fuller’s credit card was used on road trips, but what Fuller didn’t mention was that the Grizzlies deposited money into his account before the team left, and those are the funds that were used. The Grizzl…………… continues on Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
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Card use may lift son’s score
News from Arizona Republic:

by Dave Cherry – Aug. 28, 2011 02:48 PM
Ask Dave

Question: I have excellent credit and a high FICO score. Could I help my son raise his credit score by adding him on my credit-card accounts?

Yvonne Brandt


Answer: Years ago, the credit scores of children would improve if they were an authorized user on their parent’s accounts. The rules changed, eliminating this benefit; recently, the rules changed back and created the benefit once again.

Children who are authorized users will get points added to their FICO score, although not as many as in years past. Once the authorized user relationship is established, it will be reflected on your son’s cr…………… continues on Arizona Republic

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