3 Credit Card Marketing Phrases That Don’t Mean Anything
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It will surprise no one that advertising can be misleading. There’s lemonade with 0% fruit juice, pharmaceutical companies compare their drugs to placebos rather than what’s already on the market, and credit card issuers tout benefits that they’re federally mandated to provide.
While reading credit card advertisements can certainly clue you in to exciting deals and promos, card issuers have a tendency to celebrate the bare minimum. Here are a few claims you should take with a large (read: mammoth) grain of salt.

1. $ 0 liability on unauthorized purchases

It’s true: the credit card advertised will cover you in case of fraud. But it’s not necessarily out of the goodness of the issuers’ hearts. The Truth in Lending Act of 1968 limits your liability on unauthorized purchases to $ 50, and stipulates that you’re not on the hook for any charges that occur after you report your card lost or stolen. This means that if you call your credit card issuer as soon…………… continues on Huffington Post
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Banks to charge customers debit card transaction fees
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Some banks will soon begin charging transaction fees for customers who use their debit cards to make purchases. Georgia Bank & Trust, however, has decided not to impose this charge on customers. The point-of-purchase service will remain free at several other banks and credit unions in the area.

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