Tornillo ISD Superintendent Explains Credit Card Use As District Finances Come …
News from KVIA El Paso:
The finances of Tornillo Independent School District’s superintendent are under review by the Texas Education Agency. Superintendent Paul Vranish told ABC-7 he welcomed the probe because he was sure the agency would find no wrong-doing.The TEA is focusing on Vranish’s use of credit cards while purchasing district supplies and trips. Vranish said it is no secret he uses his personal credit cards when buying district items instead of the district’s cards. Vranish gets reimbursed by TISD for his purchases.Just days after Vranish was contacted by the TEA about the complaint, he addressed the issue head on during a meeting with parents.”Does everybody understand that I use my personal credit card when I buy things?” said Vranish in a video recording of the August 23rd meeting. “Does anyone here feel upset about that?” he asked.Vranish said he has nothing to hide. “I’m dealing with taxpayers’ money and I certainly should be checked on.” He…………… continues on KVIA El Paso
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U.S. consumer credit jumps $ 11.97 billion in July
News from Reuters:

Thu Sep 8, 2011 3:08pm EDT

(Reuters) – U.S. consumer credit jumped by $ 11.97 billion in July, the second straight month that showed consumers were willing to borrow heavily in the weak economy, according to a Federal Reserve report on Thursday.

Revolving credit, which mostly measures credit-card use, dropped $ 3.44 billion in July after rising $ 2.6 billion in June. Nonrevolving credit, which includes student loans and car loans, increased by $ 15.4 billion after rising $ 8.75 billion in June.

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