US gets chance to catch up on credit card security
News from Houston Chronicle:

NEW YORK – The next time you swipe your credit card at check-out, consider this: It’s a ritual the rest of the world deems outdated and unsafe.

The United States is the only developed country still hanging on to credit and debit cards with those black magnetic stripes, the kind you swipe through retail terminals.

The rest of the industrialized world has switched -or is in the process of switching- to “smart” chip-based cards.

The problem with that black magnetic stripe on the back of your credit card is that it’s about as secure as writing your account information on a postcard: everything is in the clear and can be copied. Card fraud, and the measures taken to prevent it, costs U.S. merchants, banks and consumers billions.

The smart cards can’t be copied, which reduces fraud. Smart cards with built-in chips are the equivalent of a safe: they can hide information so it can only be unlocked with the right key. Because the key information is hidden, the car…………… continues on Houston Chronicle
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NSW police launch HSU investigation
News from Sydney Morning Herald:


NSW fraud squad detectives have launched an investigation into the Health Services Union (HSU) after its national secretary admitted having concerns about corruption within the organisation.

HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson walked into Surry Hills police station on Monday morning and spent more than an hour with senior detectives outlining concerns about improper conduct.

“I’ve come today because I’ve concerns about the organisation and how money has been spent in the organisation,” Ms Jackson told reporters after the meeting.

“And there may be corrupt activities occurring within the Health Services Union.”

NSW police confirmed Strike Force Carnarvon had been formed to investigate allegations of “inappropriate practices” within the union.

The strike force comprises officers from the State Cr…………… continues on Sydney Morning Herald
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