Seven credit card tips to help you secure your financial future
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Credit cards don’t have to be a necessary evil. In fact, plastic has lots of benefits: convenience, rewards points and credit scoreboosting abilities, not to mention that a single card takes up way less space in your beaded evening clutch than a wad of dough.

But the downsides of plastic have been well-documented, and using your credit card as a way to finance a lifestyle you cannot afford can be your financial downfall. At press time, the average interest rate for credit card balances was nearly 13 percent, according to A quick use of a credit card calculator tells us that if you rack up a $ 2,500 credit card bill – not hard to do – and you pay just 5 percent of the balance each month thereafter, it will take you more than six years and cost you $ 648 in interest. So to avoid this nonsense, here are seven tricks and tools to use to avoid carrying a balance on your card.

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