2nd Fake Credit Card Case at Betteridge Jewelers

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2nd Fake Credit Card Case at Betteridge Jewelers
News from Patch.com:

It what is the seocnd time in less than a week, Greenwich Police have arrested a suspect from New York City who is accused of trying to use a fake credit card to buy a Rolex watch from Betteridge Jewelers.

The scene unfolded outside the jewelry shop, founded in 1897, at 117 Greenwich Ave., shortly after 2 p.m. Sept. 20.

Police said they arrested James D. Wilson, 51, of 629 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, NY, after “the investigation (revealed) that the New Jersey Operators license along with the HSBC credit card presented for the intended purchase of a $ 30,665 Rolex watch was under the name John Neill. The New Jersey license was confirmed a forgery and the HSBC credit card was confirmed as a counterfeit reproduction.”

According to a police report, “Wilson admitted to false license and fraudelent credit card.”

He was charged with 1st-degree forgery, illegal reproduction of a credit card, 2nd-degree forgery, illegal use of a credit…………… continues on Patch.com

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Travellers who use a new Ryanair-branded pre-paid credit card will be able to reclaim the airline’s online booking fees – but will be charged for other purchases made on the card, and will not receive the level of protection offered by other credit cards.

Despite being subject to an ongoing investigation by the Office of Fair Trading into surcharges by airlines for card payments, the budget carrier, led by chief executive Michael O’Leary, has announced that it will continue to apply its £6 “administration fee” to all passengers who pay for flights using cards other than the Ryanair Cash Passport card.

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News from Red, White, and Blue Press:

Recently we have seen reports that consumers increased the amount of credit card debt they had in the second quarter this year, but there have also been some banks who said that problems like delinquency and defaults have improved as of late and this has led some officials to question whether consumers are simply finding themselves in a better financial position in certain cases or if the larger picture shows that consumers may be relying more on credit cards to make ends meet. Obviously, if consumers are in a position where the number of cardholders making charges is comparable to data that shows consumers are paying off their credit card debts, this could be a positive sign but there are still factors like unemployment that need to be considered when looking into credit card use.

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News from CreditCards.com:

Two daughters’ weddings, a new transmission, a new roof and one big secret

By Connie Prater

The U.S. government can learn a lot about shedding debt from Jerry and Sue Bailey.

The Jackson, Mich., couple paid off $ 92,000 in credit card debt in 5-1/2 years. “I still can’t believe it when I hear the amount. I don’t wish this on anybody,” Sue Bailey says.


The National Foundation for Credit Counseling has honored Jerry and Sue Bailey for their dedication and sacrifice over more than five years that resulted in them paying off a $ 92,000 credit card debt.

The couple’s massive debt reduction earned them the Clients of the Year award from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, a nonprofit association of credit counseling agencies that hel…………… continues on CreditCards.com
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