7 credit card perks nobody knows about
News from Fox Business:

Unless you are intimately familiar with the fine print in your credit card agreement, you might not realize that your favorite credit card can save you more money than you might have thought when you shop online, rent cars, travel abroad, or attend popular sporting events.

Credit card companies often compete with claims of low interest rates, reduced fees, or cash back rewards. Those aren’t the only ways that responsible credit card use can save you money. Depending on your bank, you could be missing out on these seven hidden credit card bonuses:

  1. Purchase protection and extended warranty coverage

    Retailers hate chargebacks. If your manufacturer’s limited warranty on a broken item expired less than a year ago, contact the store where you made your purchase. If you act polite and don’t yell, a manager will probably allow you to exchange your purchase for a like i…………… continues on Fox Business

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Microsoft Zombie-Bills Expired Credit Card For Xbox Live
News from The Consumerist:

Earlier this year, we posted a handy tip to avoid zombie billing: for a service that you plan to stop using after your contract is up, use a credit or debit card with an expiration date shortly after the end of the contract. The idea behind this plan is that an expired card can’t be billed. This didn’t work so well for Rob, whose expired credit card was zombie-billed by Microsoft for his Xbox Live subscription.

What’s zombie billing? When an account you thought was dead is suddenly re-animated, and you get charged—sometimes, thanks to auto-billing, without even realizing it.

I recently discovered a charge for $ 26.83 for XBox Live on my credit card for XBox Live, which I have not used in at least a year and a half, probably even more. I logged in to my XBox account to see the status of my account and I was asked to enter new cr…………… continues on The Consumerist

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