Credit-card cash back: Discover, Amazon team up
News from Christian Science Monitor:

Credit-card cash back from Discover can be used on Amazon in new deal. Amazon purchases earn 2 percent credit-card cash back from Discover.

Discover card holders can now use their credit-card cash back rewards to shop on

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The companies said Tuesday that cardholders can apply as much or as little of their cash back rewards toward purchases and have any remaining balances charged to their Discover card.

As part of the partnership, the companies said Discover cardholders will earn double cash rewards on Amazon purchases up to $ 250 each month through the end of the year. Discover card members who have a Mi…………… continues on Christian Science Monitor

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Layaway: Worse Than Using a Credit Card?
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There are reasons that layaway went away. As more Americans gained access to credit, most stores got rid of layaway plans, which allow customers to pay off big purchases over the course of a few weeks or months. Stores preferred shoppers to use plastic because the swiping of a credit card was much simpler than administering layaway payment plans, and also because consumers are likely to buy more when paying with credit. Now, though, layaway is coming back in a big way.

Walmart killed off its layaway option in 2006. Soon thereafter, many of the retail giant’s shoppers pleaded with the company to bring layaway back. (One Walmart fan even made a rap video lamenting the loss of layaway at its stores.) Last month, however,
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