Credit card debt on the rise in Arizona

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Credit card debt on the rise in Arizona
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The average Arizonan’s credit card debt increased 3.5 percent to $ 6,686 in the third quarter, but it’s still significantly lower than the same time period last year, according to Credit Karma’s U.S. Consumer Credit Score Climate Report.

Student loan and mortgage debt, as well as the state’s average credit score, also fell during the third quarter.

“We hope the increase in spending and debt is an early signal that consumers are starting to feel a little better about the economy,” said Ken Lin, CEO of Credit Karma.

In the Phoenix metro area credit debt rose roughly 4 percent from $ 5,992 last quarter to $ 6,164 in the third quarter. The region also saw an increase in mortgage and student loan debt. Phoenix’s average credit score fell from 663 to 660, the report showed.

Lin said the credit score is considered “fairly risky,” and is most likely a result of the depressed Phoenix housing market.

“Increases in short sales and foreclosures t…………… continues on
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KCTV 5Police investigating fake credit card cases

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KCTV 5Police investigating fake credit card cases
News from KCTV Kansas City:

Detectives in Lee’s Summit need help identifying a man that they believe is responsible for using fake credit cards at businesses located in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Sgt. Mike Childs with the Lee’s Summit police department says the suspect’s image has been captured on several store surveillance cameras. On Friday, detectives released pictures of the man hoping that someone would recognize him and call police. Detectives believe the man is responsible for at least six cases of fraudulent credit card use totaling more than $ 6,000. In each case the victim, whose credit card is being scammed, still has possession of the card and only the number has been lifted and remade onto another card.

Police describe the suspect as a tall black male speaking with an accent. In the photos released to the media, the man is wearing a black T-shirt and appears to be bald. Surveillance cameras captured video of the man l…………… continues on KCTV Kansas City
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10 awful credit card mistakes
News from Zimbabwe Guardian:

There is plenty of debate over whether or not you should use credit cards, especially if you are in debt. But if you have credit cards, you want to be sure you are using them to your advantage and avoid costly mistakes. To help you avoid these mistakes, here is a look at the 10 biggest credit card mistakes people make:

1. Using your credit card like a debit card

Your credit card is not your bank debit card. Never put your credit card into an ATM. No, it’s not going damage your credit card, but it will cost you. Often you can expect a flat fee for getting a cash advance, as well as an astronomical interest rate on top of that for the convenience.

2. Signing up for a card with an annual fee and not setting a reminder in your calendar

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