Council bosses use credit cards for lavish lifestyles
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Colin Carmichael, chief executive of Canterbury, pictured with the Prince of Wales, spent £400 in Reims Photo: PA

The senior officials regularly flew first class and stayed in exotic
destinations such as Shanghai, Tuscany and San Francisco. They spent
thousands of pounds on tickets to stadium concerts and prestigious sporting
events, and even used public money to buy suits, iPads and vintage wine.

One town hall chief executive charged the taxpayer more than £100 to buy
prese…………… continues on

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Credit card fraud happens with, without computer
News from San Angelo Standard Times:

— Pat Hudspeth fell victim to credit card fraud the old-fashioned way — without a computer.

She was checking her bank statements last week and found an odd $ 95 charge to her account from a company called Cupid, and it came with a number.

“They went in, and the number came up as an adult porn site,” Hudspeth said about police investigating the case. “He said when they started tracking the number it went to different countries out of the United States.”

Her bank gave her the money back, but she has no idea how anyone would have gotten her number.

She keeps her card in her purse, and she uses it to make payments through her bank, she said.

“I said, ‘How did they get my credit card number?’ ” Hudspeth said.

When she called the number she found through the bank, she said a man with a foreign accent picked up the phone and told her that she could register with the company and get discounts at stores…………… continues on San Angelo Standard Times
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