Poll: the 4 smartest credit card moves
News from Fox Business:

What’s the smartest credit card move you’ve ever made?

CardRatings.com asked that very question in a recent poll in the weeks leading up to the American Bankers Association’s annual “Get Smart About Credit Day,” set for Oct. 20, 2011. The ABA’s nationwide campaign aims to educate young people about sound credit card use.

As of close of business on Oct. 19, there were 176 responses to the poll, which first appeared on the CardRatings.com home page on Sep. 23. Respondents had a choice of four answers. Here are the results:

“Got a rewards card and ran all my regular expenses through it”

48 percent. This was by far the most popular answer, chosen by nearly half of you. This means many of you are capitalizing on rewards cards to reap the benefits – cash back, airline miles and points – simply by paying your bills with your rewards credit card and…………… continues on Fox Business
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Credit card security technology to take step forward
News from Debtmerica Relief:

Consumers concerned about being hit by fraudulent credit card debt may soon have less reason to worry, as the world’s two largest card issuers are taking steps to upgrade security.

Visa and MasterCard are now taking steps to improve credit card security by encouraging businesses and ATM owners to upgrade their card reading systems so that they’ll accept transactions completed with a new, safer type of card, according to a report from the consumer finance site Bankrate. These companies are trying to encourage the use of so-…………… continues on Debtmerica Relief
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