Study credit card rewards during shopping season
News from Great Falls Tribune:

If you’re the one dishing out the dough for that bag of toys this holiday season, be sure your “naughty and nice” review list includes credit card offers. Most have some of each.

First, let’s look at the growing number of nice deals being dangled.

ยป Create holiday jingle through credit card rewards.

At my house, Santa has been known to shop where credit card rewards can be used to fill that sleigh.

Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of, noted that some credit card companies offer more value if you redeem reward points for gift cards instead of cash. By his calculation, the Citi ThankYou Points are 37 percent more valuable when redeemed for gift cards.

Act early in the season to allow time for the plastic to be shipped.

Some issuers, like Citi ThankYou, also offer online gift cards that can be redeemed and used immediately with select retailers.

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credit card offers all about the bottom line
News from Sydney Morning Herald:

If the plan is to do a transfer of your credit card balance after Christmas, then make sure you choose a balance transfer offer that reverts to the purchase rate, not the cash advance rate. Photo: Ian Waldie

FINANCIAL institutions have emerged for this Christmas with some of the most aggressive credit card offers seen.

The standout offers include the Virgin Flyer credit card, which is offering zero per cent for six months on cash advances, balance transfers and purchases, says the personal-finance editor of comparison site, Jeremy Cabral.

The BankWest Breeze MasterCard has a low interest rate of 10.99 per cent a year and 10 per cent cashback on your festive spending at department and grocery stores and on eating out for three months.

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