Credit card complaints show widespread confusion

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Credit card complaints show widespread confusion
News from BusinessWeek:

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Students use of credit cards decreasing
News from Middletown Journal:

By Cornelius Frolik, Staff Writer 8:41 PM Wednesday, November 30, 2011

College students were once a lucrative market for credit card companies, but new federal regulations and the growing popularity of ATM and debit cards have cut down on the number of students using plastic to help pay for their lifestyles.

About 40 percent of college students had a credit card in their own name in spring 2011, down from 57 percent a decade earlier, according to the Student Monitor Financial Services Study.

Meanwhile, a report released earlier this year by the Federal Reserve showed that the number of marketing agreements between issuers of credit cards and colleges, alumni associations and other groups with university affiliations is on the decline.

Although financial experts say debt among young people is a serious concern, they note that learning budgeting skills and building a credit…………… continues on Middletown Journal

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More shoppers are whipping out credit cards

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More shoppers are whipping out credit cards
News from USA Today:

Just in time for the holidays, credit cards are making a comeback.

By Paul Sakuma,, AP

Consumers are using credit again for holiday shopping.

On Black Friday, payments made with credit cards rose 7.4% from a year earlier, vs. an increase of 3.4% for payments with signature debit cards, according to First Data, a payments processing firm……………. continues on USA Today

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Credit Card Complaints Addressed In CARD Act Still Drive Consumer Anger
News from Huffington Post:

Even though last year’s financial reform was supposed to make credit cards more transparent, consumers are still complaining about interest rates, billing disputes and confusing credit card terms.

A sizable minority of the more than 5,000 complaints about credit cards submitted to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau between mid-July and mid-October involved issues that were supposedly addressed by the CARD Act, signed into law in February 2010. The law required greater clarity in the language…………… continues on Huffington Post

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