Credit card debt: Indebted mom wants to buy me a TV. Should I accept?
News from Christian Science Monitor:

Credit card debt is burdening mother, so how should responsible daughter respond? Also, contribute to charity or pay off credit card debt? Questions 10 and 4 in this reader mailbag.

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. 
1. RRSP question
2. Inadequate income for student loans
3. Emergency fund question
4. Taxes or other uses?
5. Sales over the weekend
6. Multiple student loan payments
7. Cars with leg room
8. Good items on credit report
9. Personal finance in the U.S.
10. Overspending family and holiday politeness

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Trent Hamm

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Ellen Creager: U.S. banks are making their credit cards comply with world standard
News from Detroit Free Press:

Travelers keep reporting cases where American credit cards don’t work in Europe. European cards use chip-and-PIN EMV technology, while our cards have a magnetic stripe. What’s a traveler to do?

We caught up with Janna Herron, an expert on credit cards for, to ask how the cards work and how to get one.

QUESTION: The problem for travelers is that American credit card companies have not offered EMV chip cards. Is that still true?

ANSWER: Since April, we’ve seen more activity. Several major U.S. issuers have come out with EMV-enabled cards, including the U.S. Bank FlexPerks Visa card, the Citi Corporate card, the Chase JP Morgan Select Visa Signature and Chase JP Morgan Palladium card. Bank of America just announced it is switching its corporate cards over next year. Wells Fargo is testing one.

Q: Do you have to ask for an EMV chip card, or will your issuer just send you one? continues on Detroit Free Press

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