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( Credit card debt relief programs can be extremely helpful and beneficial to the person that is buried in credit card debt. Yet what is credit card debt relief , and how does it work? These are a few of the topics we will address in this article of credit card debt relief programs and services.

Debt Relief

If you or someone you know is drowning in credit card debt, listen up. First and foremost, think positive. It is possible to recover from debt issues. One only need to realize and understand that credit card debt takes time to be created, and likewise takes time to chip away at it.

Credit counselors can sometimes be helpful in this regard when it comes to credi…………… continues on

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One in three will go into debt to pay for Christmas presents
News from Daily Mail:

By Colin Fernandez

Last updated at 12:19 AM on 12th December 2011

One in three Britons will take on debt to pay for Christmas gifts, a survey has found.

Most of those going into the red will spend more than average on their credit card, or use their overdraft to absorb extra spending. Others will borrow from friends or family, or take out a personal loan.

About 44 per cent of the nation is already living with non-mortgage debt, such as outstanding credit card balances.

Debts: A survey has found that 31 per cent of us are prepared to spend more than be can afford on Christmas presents

Now research by YouGov, for payment technology firm Intelligent Environments, has found that 31 per cent of us – including those already in arrears – are…………… continues on Daily Mail

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Korean credit card companies get personal

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Korean credit card companies get personal
News from Korea Times:

In Korea, if the only reward you receive from your credit card is air mileage, then you are seriously behind the times. The card market here is replete with some of the most idiosyncratic cards imaginable, and consumers of all stripes are benefiting.

For example, a family preparing to welcome a new addition might just be enticed by the With Baby card from Hana SK Card. It gives discounts on a range of all things baby-related and the company has developed a series of partnerships with hospitals and online shopping malls that cater specifically to new parents.

Or perhaps spas are high on a consumer’s list. They could try the NH M Castle Leisure Card, or even the more specific Spas Valley Card, both of which give discounts and points at various amusement facilities and designated restaurants nearby.

The long list continues. Do you have a pet? There’s a card for that (Hana SK Puppy Card). Make a habit of making social contributions? There are man…………… continues on Korea Times

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Tis the season…for plastic; Use credit cards wisely while holiday shopping
News from Las Cruces Sun-News:

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LAS CRUCES – With a gift for Aunt Linda (or Uncle Bob or whomever) yet to be crossed off your holiday shopping list – not to mention something for your father, who always says, ‘Don’t get me anything, I have all that I need,’ yet always beams whenever he opens a present from you – your heart beats a little faster as you realize Christmas is one day shy of weeks away.

But if you’re in between paychecks, or have already blown through the holiday budget you set for yourself, what is your solution? Cre…………… continues on Las Cruces Sun-News

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