Dave Gardner: Profitable investing with the people

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Dave Gardner: Profitable investing with the people
News from Daily Camera:

Have we ever seen a gloomier time for savers? Most banks pay paltry rates of interest. Treasury bonds and CDs are little better. Plus most individual investors have soured on stocks with the constant threat of the Euro collapse abroad, and a divided and sclerotic government at home.

If you have a lot of cash on the sidelines, consider an alternative that pays you a higher rate of interest and gives you a cozier feeling than leaving your money with a megabank. It’s called peer-to-peer lending, and it’s made possible by the scale and accessibility of the Internet.

Lenders such as LendingClub and Prosper enable investors to reach borrowers underserved by mainstream lenders. These sites screen loan applicants, pull credit reports, present the loans to investors and then service the loan. Depending on the loan risk, you could receive 6 to 12 percent annual interest for lending your money for up to five years.

The start of the peer-to-peer lend…………… continues on Daily Camera

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Should I use my credit card during holiday season?
News from Inquirer.net:

Question: I have been busy the past few days and I haven’t bought my Christmas gifts yet for my friends and loved ones. I am running low on my cash as I am also planning to host a Christmas party in my house and go on vacation next week. Should I use my credit card to pay for my purchases?—Tonie by e-mail

Answer: Yes, you can use your credit card if you can afford to pay your balance in full when it falls due next month. If you have the capability to raise the cash and settle your credit card debt without affecting your personal cash flow needs, go ahead. However, if you are planning to pay your credit card balance by the minimum every month, you may be setting up yourself for financial trouble.

Credit cards are great source of free credit when it is used properly. It offers a convenient substitute to carrying large amount of cash when you go shopping. The key is to avoid tolerating credit card companies make money from…………… continues on Inquirer.net

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Stolen Credit Cards Go for $ 3.50 at Amazon-like Online Bazaar – BusinessWeek
News from Stolen Credit Cards Go for $ 3.50 at Amazon-like Online Bazaar – BusinessWeek:

December 20, 2011, 12:25 AM EST

  • FBI Pulls Off ‘Perfect Hedge’ to Nab New Insider Trading Class
  • Verizon, Cablevision, Healthcare, JPMorgan in Court News
  • Google Claims Censorship as Hollywood Presses Piracy Bills
  • Microsoft, Cephalon, DuPont, Red Bull: Intellectual Property
  • Sin…………… continues on Stolen Credit Cards Go for $ 3.50 at Amazon-like Online Bazaar – BusinessWeek

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Credit Card Stolen? Here’s What You Do
News from NJ TODAY:

Jason Alderman

By Jason Alderman

Despite high-profile media attention, the odds of having your credit or debit card number stolen by crooks remains at historically low levels. That said, it’s always good to know what to do in case lightening does strike and someone fraudulently uses your card. Left unchecked, they might try to run up bills, drain your checking account or worse – steal your identity.

Here are actions to take if this happens to you:

First, contact the bank or credit union that issued your card. You’ll find a toll-free number on the back of your card, on your billing statement or at the company’s website. Close the compromised account and open a new one with a different account number. Change related passwords or PIN numbers and notify companies that have automatic payments tied to the closed account to make sure you do…………… continues on NJ TODAY

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