Italy to Kick the Cash Habit as Monti Cracks Down on Tax Evaders
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December 22, 2011, 11:39 PM EST

  • Monti’s Budget Plan Gets Final Approval in Italy Parliament
  • Monti Budget Wins Final Approval After Passing Italy Senate Vote
  • Monti Calls Senate Confidence Vote on Italy Budget Plan Tomorrow
  • Italy Banks Said to Use State-Backed Bonds for ECB Loans

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San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks: Injury Reports and Who Will Win
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It’s a common tradition for families to open up a single present on Christmas Eve, as the hands of the clock inch closer to midnight. 

Saturday afternoon, the San Francisco 49ers will get a chance to earn an additional present when they visit Seattle to take on the much-improved Seahawks. 

The 49ers already handled the Seahawks 33-17 back in Week 1, but it won’t be so easy this time around. Seattle has won five of their last six contests, having defeated the likes of the Giants, Eagles, and Ravens. Yes, the same Ravens that stuffed the Niners’ thanksgiving turkey in front of 10.7 million viewers.  

This is a game with serious playoff implications -chuckling to myself at t…………… continues on

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