Thousands In Moscow Call For Fair Elections
News from NPR News:

Tens of thousands of demonstrators on Saturday cheered opposition leaders and jeered the Kremlin in the biggest show of outrage yet against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s 12-year rule.

The Moscow demonstration was even bigger than a similar rally two weeks ago, signaling that the protest movement ignited by the fraud-tainted Dec. 4 parliamentary election may be growing. Protests were also held in dozens of other cities and towns across Russia.

Rally participants densely packed a broad avenue, which has room for nearly 100,000 people, about 1.5 miles from the Kremlin, as the temperature dipped well below freezing. They chanted “Russia without Putin!”

A stage at the end of the avenue featured placards reading “Russia will be free” and “This election Is a farce.” Heavy police cordons encircled the participants, who stood within metal barriers, and a police helicopter hovered overhead.

Alexei Navalny, a corruption-fighting lawyer and p…………… continues on NPR News

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Top 5: No returns on these gifts
News from NASCAR:

The Christmas season is a time for giving and as 2011 draws to a close NASCAR fans — particularly those of the Sprint Cup Series — should feel blessed to have received numerous gifts related to racing, this season.

For a variety of reasons, on Christmas Eve these are five offerings that fans should cherish when they either look back on the 2011 racing season or peer ahead to 2012.

Kurt and Kyle Busch

Face it, there’s no question that the brothers from Las Vegas, Nev., with their unmitigated emotion and unbridled passion for the sport — and all-consuming need to excel in it — bring a dimension to NASCAR racing that would be sadly missed if it wasn’t present.

The Busch brothers can sometimes be difficult to deal with, sure. That’s a burden that many professional athletes present and that many people who have to either w…………… continues on NASCAR

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