Stratfor hackers publish email, password data
News from Reuters:

Boston | Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:20pm EST

Boston (Reuters) – Hackers affiliated with the Anonymous group published hundreds of thousands of email addresses they claimed belong to subscribers of private intelligence analysis firm Strategic Forecasting Inc.

The list, published late on Thursday, includes email addresses appearing to belong to people working for large corporations, the U.S. military and major defense contractors – information that hackers could potentially use to target them with virus-tainted emails in an approach known as “spear phishing.”

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Editorial: How FAA-certified gadgets could improve air travel and eliminate the Terrible 10,000 Feet
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If you’re reading this now and have experienced the wonders of modern air travel then you have surely suffered through what I call the “Terrible 10,000 Feet.” This is the period between the clunk of the cabin door closing and the bong of the cabin indicator, the chime signifying arrival of the magic altitude where “approved electronic devices” can then be used again. The first half of the worst part of the flight is then over — the latter half to commence as soon as the plane dips again below that gadget ceiling.

This is the loudest part of the flight — engines throttled up, flaps and gear hanging in the breeze and scared kids doing their best to drown all that out with screams and shouts. It’s exactly when you most want to use your portable music player, and exactly when you aren’t allowed. We’ve been told that this is for safe…………… continues on engadget

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