Council Clarifying Its Personnel Policies After Credit-Card Problems Surface …
News from LoanSafe:

ELLETTSVILLE (Source: Kasey Husk Herald-Times, Bloomington, Ind.–— Town employees will likely see some policy changes concerning credit card use, drug testing and the use of cellphones while driving after this week’s meeting.

The Ellettsville Town Council will discuss two proposed amendments to the town’s personnel policy handbook at its meeting at 7 p.m. today at the Ellettsville Fire Station. Officials emphasized that the changes were part of a routine updating of a handbook that hasn’t seen major changes since 2005, rather than a reaction to any personnel problems.

“It’s more routine than anything else,” said Fire Chief Jim Davis, a member of the Personnel Policy Committee. “We’re not ‘Oh my goodness, we have to fix this because we have a problem.’ Nothing like that occurred. It’s just to update what we had and make it current for today.”

One amendment to the policy handbook’s section on use of town property adds a section about credit card use, formalizing policies that were already in place in the county. The amendment states that employees may be issued credit cards for travel-related expenses or work-related expenses, but that they may not be used for personal expenses or for specifically prohibited uses like the purchase of alcohol or entertainment activities. Violations of the policy will result in…………… continues on LoanSafe

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Approved Card is a decent first step in using plastic
News from Chicago Tribune:

Attention parents: Personal finance guru Suze Orman is promoting a new product that could help teenagers ease into the treacherous world of plastic.

The author and television commentator calls her credit card alternative the Approved Card.

It’s actually a prepaid card, which is similar to a debit card except you don’t need a bank account or a spotless credit record.

Prepaid cards in general are simple to use. You can load money onto them and add cash when you’re running low. You can also make ATM withdrawals and deposits. However, these cards typically come with high fees.

Orman is the latest celebrity to endorse and market a prepaid card.

“Start your kids on the right track,” says Orman in her promotional materials. “Teach them to handle money responsibly.”

To that extent, her product is way better than, say, the Kardashian sisters’ prepaid plastic that quickly bombed and was pulled last year after public outcry over its fees.

The Approved Card has some appealing features for teens and college students. It has lower fees than many prepaid cards — as long as you use the card as Orman recommends.

The card comes with free identity theft protection and gives the cardholder free credit reports and scores for a year from TransUnion, one of the three main credit reporting organizations.

The Approved Card all…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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