UK families £7900 in debt
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Average incomes have fallen by nearly 3.5pc in real terms over the past year, squeezing budgets even further as consumers have faced soaring bills.

Simon Westcott, director in PwC’s financial services practice, said: “UK consumers are among the most indebted in the world, with the average UK household still saddled with nearly £8,000 of unsecured debt.

“Although the UK Government’s austerity drive appears to be hitting home, with households paying off an average of £355 worth of their debt in 2011, three years of austerity by UK consumers has only made a small dent in the total levels of borrowing.

“In addition to this, our credit confidence survey has shown that there is a growing reluctance to borrow in the future and a marked deterioration in confidence about meeting repayments, particularly among 18 to 24-year-olds.”

The report said that historically, the United States has been a strong indicator of what happens in the UK, but consumer credit in the US saw the largest increase in a decade in 2011.

It put the contrast in behaviour down to UK austerity policies, which have had “a strong influence on consumer confidence and attitudes towards debt in the UK”.

Bank of England figures showed last week that consumers cut their debts at the fastest rate in two decades during December, amid signs they dipped into savings to pay for…………… continues on

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Ask M&M: Accepting credit cards at craft shows
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By Mignonne Hollis and Mark Schmitt

 Dear M & M: This year I would like to be more active at craft shows.  I was wondering about taking credit cards and how can I do this? – Monica

Dear Monica: Many people prefer to pay for sales transactions with credit and debit cards because it is more convenient than carrying cash. This is true in the craft business as well. When shoppers attend craft shows, they usually carry a limited amount of cash, if any, and when the cash runs out, they will be done shopping at booths that only accept cash as a form of payment. 

If you offer credit card services at your booth, you could see a substantial boost in sales. Unlike cash, people tend not to be as hesitant to spend money with a card because they don’t see the dollars leaving their wallet. Offering this additional service is…………… continues on Sierra Vista Herald

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