Higganum woman accused of stealing credit card
News from Middletown Press:

CROMWELL – A 21-year-old Higganum woman was arrested for allegedly stealing and using another woman’s credit card after police were able to identify the suspect from a surveillance video.

The incident dates back to June of 2011, police said. It began when a woman called police to say her wallet had been stolen from her locker at a local fitness club.

The wallet contained cash, credit cards, a debit card, gift cards, as well as other personal documents, Police Chief Anthony J. Salvatore said Friday. A digital camera was also taken at the same time, he said.

“As soon as she discovered the theft, the victim said she had cancelled her credit cards,” Salvatore said. “But a series of fraudulent charges totaling approximately $ 300 had already been made at a number of stores at different locations within the city of Middletown.”

At one of those locations, Officer Sherry Borgeson was able to obtain a photo of a woman using one of the stolen cards. Borgeson took that photo back to the fitness club, “and in doing a comparison with their ID system, was able to match a name to the face,” Salvatore said.

The name provided to Borgeson was Lindsey Sears, 21, of 843 Killingworth Road, Higganum.

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