Credit Card Debt Loan Consolidation 4 Step Process To Eliminate Bad Debts
News from Albany Times Union:

The popular bad credit online resource has announced their recommended debt consolidation service designed to help consumers eliminate credit card debt, stop collection calls and lower monthly bills through refinance.

(PRWEB) March 17, 2012

People being hounded by debt collectors and struggling with high interest credit card bills have a new resource to turn to for help. The trusted online resource,, has recommended a new loan consolidation company that can help refinance and eliminate high interest debts crushing American families.

Visitors to the site can now get approved for a bill reduction refinance loan. The approval process can be completed in less than 5 minutes and can reduce bill payments by as much as 60% for qualified applicants.

“People want help, finding it can make all the difference,” said

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When Debt Collectors Call: What You Need to Know
News from ABC News:

With many Americans struggling to pay their bills one business is booming: debt collectors.

But many consumers say the collectors are taking their tactics too far. The Federal Trade Commission received a record number of complaints about debt collectors last year — nearly 181,000. second only to complaints about identity theft.

In response to the complaints, the FTC has been cracking down on collectors who don’t follow the rules.

As Tim Bond of Montgomery, Ohio, learned, consumers have to be very careful.

Bond, 56, said he was shocked one day to open his mail box and find a letter saying he was being sued by Asset Acceptance over a debt he wasn’t even sure was his.

“I received a certified letter from the courthouse that said I was being sued for over $ 7,000,” Bond said. “I felt really suffocated and trapped.”

Bond said he wasn’t even sure he owed the credit card debt, and if he did, it was 14 years past due.

“My fiancé and I did a lot of research,” he said. “What we found out — if you said anything at all, just a wrong phrase or anything, it would start statute of limitations over again.”

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