Using a credit or debit card while travelling can save you
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Customers using a debit card or credit card can be better off. Picture: Getty Source: Getty Images

  • Savings from prepaid travel cards in the spotlight
  • Most travellers save more with regular bank cards
  • Prepaid card fees often outweigh ATM charges

MOST travellers who buy prepaid travel money cards hoping to save on overseas fees are actually slugged more than those who use their regular bank accounts, a study has found.

The warning emerged from a comparison of pre-paid travel cards with debit and credit cards for the Choice Awards 2012.

It found most overseas tourists spending $ 3000 or less would be better off sticking with their usual debit or credit card and copping those transaction fees than buying a pre-paid travel money card.

Choice spokeswoman Ingrid Just said the fees on more travel cards often outweigh the ATM charges incurred by those using their existing bank cards.

Ms Just said travellers should have a debit or credit card they can use overseas as well as a pre-paid card, and to watch out for the extra transac…………… continues on

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Get a Deal and a Reward, Just by Using Your Card
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GIVEN that the market for daily deals is saturated with offers from Web sites like Groupon, flash sale sites like and credit card companies offering cash back and airline miles, it might appear that small businesses are raking in profits from customers seduced by such great deals.

Not so, says Tom Beecher, president and chief executive of Cartera Commerce, a company that specializes in what are known as card-linked offers — part daily deal, part card reward program.

The company will announce a new service for small businesses on Wednesday called OfferLink Local, allowing those businesses to connect a customer’s credit or debit card to a merchant’s own discounts. Customers who use their cards at participating local businesses can then earn rewards on those cards in the form of airline miles, cash back or points.

The service will help give local businesses a larger marketing platform though Cartera’s bank and airline partners, which include American Airlines, United Airlines, Wells Fargo, CitiBank and Barclays. “Its very much a chicken-and-egg business,” Mr. Beecher said. “It’s hard to get retailers interested if you don’t have th…………… continues on New York Times

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