Oregon Court of Appeals says consumers with unpaid credit-card debt aren’t off …
News from OregonLive.com:

A man who was taking part in a ring of thieves that was ‘skimming’ credit card numbers at gas stations was sentenced in Portland today.

Oregonians with old credit-card debt may have thought the coast was clear when years passed and the lawyers didn’t come knocking, but the Oregon Court of Appeals says not so fast.

In three rulings this month, the higher court said that debt collectors can sue delinquent credit-card holders for up to six years after the credit-card charges are racked up. In doing so, the higher court overturned rulings by a pair of Clackamas and Washington county judges who said collectors had no more than three years to sue consumers for unpaid credit-card debt.

The Court of Appeals’ rulings don’t affect every consumer with aging debt, but the rulings could affect wide swaths of Oregonians who have agreements with banks, such as Chase, that are based in Delaware, New Hampshire or other states with three-year statute of limitations. Oregon’s statute of limitations is six years, and that — and not statute of limitations in the states where th…………… continues on OregonLive.com

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Kylie wants to cut her credit card debts once and for all
News from Winnipeg Free Press:

Kylie is throwing down the gauntlet, challenging herself to pay off her credit card debt by the end of the year.

The 25-year-old clerical worker has about $ 3,300 in credit card debt, accumulated over about a year-and-a-half.

One card’s balance is about $ 2,300 at 3.9 per cent. She has nine months remaining until the introductory rate ends and increases to the usual 18.5 per cent.

Her other credit card carries a 19 per cent interest rate.

But Kylie also has a consolidation loan of about $ 14,500 at four per cent interest, co-signed by her parents.

She pays $ 477 a month on the loan, debt accumulated from buying a car, student loans and previous credit card balances.

“My new debts are from spending too much money,” she says.

“I think I have a spending problem, which I’m trying to curb.”

Kylie earns $ 30,000 a year and takes home $ 1,772 a month. She rents a place with roommates and rarely goes out on the town. She says she’s stopped using the credit cards and only uses her debit card for expenses.

“I want to wipe my debt out,” she says. “Once I can get rid of that, I can start putting money away and pay off my loan faster, too, but it’s those cards that are standing in my way.”

Yvonne Neu, a debt counsellor with Community Financial Counselling Services, says Kylie has little wiggle room in her budget, so sh…………… continues on Winnipeg Free Press

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‘Massive’ credit card data breach involves all major brands
News from Fox 31 KDVR.com:

Posted on: 5:33 pm, March 30, 2012, by Tammy Vigil, updated on: 10:37pm, March 30, 2012

DENVER — Millions of customers of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover may have been exposed to fraud.

Hackers accessed the payment-processing system of a third-party vendor called Global Payments in Atlanta.

That company processes customer credit and debit card transactions.

More than 10 million card numbers may have been exposed between Jan. 21 and Feb. 25.

The company says it discovered the breach in early March 2012. But the information was just leaked Friday, March 30.

But customers won’t know for days or weeks if Global Payments processed their cards.

“I use a credit card every single day,” says Carol Heinisch, shopping along the 16th St. Mall in downtown Friday.

“Because we get points, we use our credit card for everything,” says shopper Don Dudley.

Credit and debit cards can earn you rewards.

And they’re easy to use.

“I can just have it in my back pocket. I don’t have to carry change,” says Don’s wife, Sheri.

But plastic carries real dangers.

“It looks pretty big when you’re talking about the data from millions and millions of credit card accounts,” says computer security ex…………… continues on Fox 31 KDVR.com

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Two sought in stolen credit card case
News from Lehigh Acres Citizen:

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said that on February 13, a victim met with deputies at Lee County Sheriff’s Office Headquarters, 14750 Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers to report the fraudulent use of her credit card.

The victim told deputies she last used her card at the Wells Fargo ATM, 5765 Lee Boulevard, Lehigh Acres on Feb. 11, 2012. When she discovered the card missing on Feb. 13, it had been fraudulently used 20 times for purchases exceeding $ 3,500 Transactions had been made at the CVS and Walmart stores in Lehigh Acres. They included purchases for diapers, baby clothes, a Lego Batcave, Two Nintendo 3DS game players and other toys and games.

The case was assigned to a detective with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Unit who was able to locate video of the suspects using the card.

Photos of two females involved in the fraudulent use of the credit card usage are accompanied to this article. One of the females has long dark hair and is wearing a light colored dress with a white sweater. She may have a tattoo on her right chest. The second female has long dark hair and is wearing a purple shirt and a grey or white hooded sweatshirt, sheriff’s investigators said.

Anyone who has any information on the identities of these women is asked to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 239-477-1000, or to remain an…………… continues on Lehigh Acres Citizen

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