Nunatsiavut candidate left cabinet over credit card use
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Susan Nochasak is running for president of the Nunatsiavut government. (CBC)

A candidate for president of Nunatsiavut is acknowledging she left her cabinet post last month after inappropriate use of her government credit card.

Susan Nochasak used the card for personal purchases. She has since repaid all the money.

Nochasak has said she stepped down from cabinet because she wanted to focus on whether or not to run for the presidency.

But that’s not actually what happened.

“I was naive at the time of doing this,” Nochasak told CBC News. “I didn’t think straight. And again, it was wrong …

“I know that I made the mistake, but I’d also like to say that I believe I can be a good leader.”

Outgoing Nunatsiavut president Jim Lyall issued a press release at the time saying Nochasak was leaving for personal reasons.

He now says he actually forced her to step down, and if she didn’t resign he was going to fire her.

Lyall isn’t running for re-election but says he felt like voters should know the real reason.

He says he regrets misleading people.

Nochasak is running against Johannes Lampe and Sarah Leo for the presidency of the Inuit government.

Voters will go to the polls on May 1.

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