Give us some credit, the evidence is outrageous
News from The Daily Telegraph:

The Thomson case has gone beyond being a farce. Source: The Daily Telegraph

CAN somebody please explain why the cops haven’t charged Craig Thomson with fraud, or whatever the appropriate offence is arising from his wholly inappropriate use of his member-funded credit card at the Health Services Union?

How much more evidence do they need that he at least has a case to answer? The Thomson case has gone beyond being a farce.

Now it is just offensive. You could even say that it is sick, as it has at its amoral starting point the fact that some of the lowest-paid workers in Australia, people who empty bed pans for a living, were enlisted to underwrite an A-list lifestyle for one of the most repugnant bunch of gougers ever to disgrace the Australian union movement.

Thomson was clearly up to his neck in this culture of entitlement at the union. Fair Work Australia has found that Thomson blew about half a million dollars’ worth of union funds, including $ 6000 on “the procurement of escort services”, unexplained cash withdrawals, travel for his former wife, fine dining and top hotels. When it comes to the…………… continues on The Daily Telegraph

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