7 mistakes your credit card company wants you to make
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You were saving those airline credit card miles for your dream vacation. Finally, you accumulated enough and go online to reserve your flight only to get bad news. Your miles have expired. They are no longer good.

It’s a mistake that even John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education for SmartCredit.com, has made, to his utter dismay.

Letting your rewards points or miles expire is one of many common mistakes that your credit card issuer won’t mind if you make. The prospect of earning miles for each purchase encouraged you to charge up a storm, and now the bank doesn’t have to pay out a single mile.

As he learned the hard way, Ulzheimer says, when you select a rewards credit card, you have to read the fine print and know the rules of redemption or you could lose out big time. “It can be a lot to manage,” he says, but if you’re going to play this game you have to take the time.

Here are six other mistakes your credit card company won’t mind if you make:

  • Pay only the minimum each month. You know you should pay more than the minimum and cut down on the…………… continues on Fox Business

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Credit cards were problem in PM’s department
News from NEWS.com.au:

Five government officials have been axed over credit card rule breaches in the past three years. Picture: File

FIVE government officials, including two in former Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd’s department, have been axed over credit card rule breaches in the past three years, new figures show.

Liberal MP Jamie Briggs uncovered the rorts through a parliamentary question on notice to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and other ministers.

In the first instance in 2009, a prime minister’s department official breached the department’s credit card guidelines 11 times, was suspended and repaid $ 2494.

The second official breached the rules twice and paid back $ 295.

Both investigations found the public service code of conduct had been breached and sanctions were recommended.

“Both employees were terminated at their request before sanctions could be imposed,” the prime minister said in her answer.

The Defence Department said three of its employees had resigned before action could be taken against them.

It reported that in 2008/09 the credit card guidelines were breached 51 times, to a total value of $ 89,718.49.

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