Timely Payments from Credit Card Holders Increase in 2012

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Timely Payments from Credit Card Holders Increase in 2012
News from Houston Chronicle:

RoadFish.com men’s lifestyle and finance magazine congratulates all borrowers who have been making an extra effort to chip away at their debt, which is evident in the rise of timely payments by borrowers in the first quarter of 2012 as reported by TransUnion

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

RoadFish.com men’s lifestyle and finance magazine applauded U.S. credit card holders as a collective for causing a spike in timely payments and a large dip in overdue payments within the first quarter of 2012. RoadFish.com wonders if this is perhaps a sign of the changing tides, an indication that families are slowly but surely battling the recession and coming out on top, or if borrowers are simply making it a top priority to dig out of debt this year. Either way, timely payments will boost borrowers’ credit score s and indicate a turn-around in personal finances.

Alex Veiga of the

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Don’t like high credit card fees? Then don’t use them
News from CBC.ca:

A tribunal has begun to decide whether the credit card companies or retailers are to blame for high prices in Canadian stores. You probably heard about it. And your eyes probably glossed while you tuned out. So let me give me a rundown.

Retailers say credit card company fees violate competition rules, resulting in $ 5 billion annually in the credit card companies’ coffers.

But the credit card companies say they aren’t to blame. They say retailers choose to pass this cost onto customers, and if credit card users paid fees for usage, it would be discrimination.

‘We treat credit cards like a necessity in life. They’re not’—Heather Setka

This is like a bad divorce trial with the kids caught in the middle.

So what about the kids? The kids don’t know what’s good for them, right. The kids need someone else to decide which one — retailers or credit card companies — is looking out for them the most.

The kids are, of course, us the consumers. And the answer to who is looking out for us should be easy to answer: No one but ourselves.

Rather than seeing ourselves as a bunch of helpless, clueless brats caught in the middle, we should recognize our role in this fight.

We treat credit cards like a necessity in…………… continues on CBC.ca

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Consumers still relying heavily on rewards credit cards
News from Debtmerica Relief:

Since the end of the recession, many Americans have been shy about taking on credit card debt, but in many cases, those who do are now doing so through the use of rewards accounts.

Though attitudes toward credit card borrowing have changed considerably in the last few years, rewards accounts remain extremely popular with both banks and consumers, according to the latest monthly Cardbeat report from Auriemma Consulting Group. Credit card issuers are now extending more offers for these accounts than they were a year ago, and many consumers who have them enjoy using them on a regular basis.

About 80 percent of those polled who had rewards cards used them more often than their other accounts, the report said. Further, 82 percent said they had actually redeemed the points or miles they racked up on the accounts, and 93 percent said they had positive experiences in doing so.

However, consumers…………… continues on Debtmerica Relief

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Hawaii’s average credit card debt declined 4% in April
News from Bizjournals.com:

Hawaii consumers lowered their credit card debt by an average of $ 310 in April, compared to the same month last year, according to consumer credit advocate CreditKarma.com.

The average credit card debt in Hawaii last month was $ 7,090, which was the second highest in the nation behind Alaska, but $ 310, or 4 percent, less than April 2011’s average of $ 7,400 and $ 2,015 less than April 2010, when the average debt was $ 9,105.

Nationally, consumers decreased their credit card debt by 13 percent to $ 5,650, CreditKarma.com said.

Hawaii homeowners had the highest mortgage debt in the nation in April, with an average of $ 310,199, CreditKarma.com said. California had the second highest mortgage debt at $ 303,745, while West Virginia residents had the lowest average mortgage debt at $ 98,363. Nationally, consumers decreased average mortgage debt by 3 percent to $ 166,631.

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