New credit cards may ease travel
News from Chicago Tribune:

The three newest consumer credit cards — two from Bank of America, one from JPMorgan Chase — reflect consumer exasperation with some of the current card “features” that may not look so good to savvy travelers. All three have some advantages that many will appreciate, but none yet provides a comprehensive travel feature set.

For most of you, the new Bank of America offerings are probably the more interesting:

The Bank of America Travel Rewards card (and a similar card for business) offers 1.5 points, with an equivalent 1.5-cent cash value, for every $ 1 charged to the card. That’s more than you get with most cards, which tend to cluster around 1 cent per dollar. The card carries no annual fee.

The BankAmericard Privileges credit card with Travel Rewards offers 2 points per dollar charged. This card carries an annual fee of $ 7, waived for BofA customers who do lots of other business with the bank.

Both cards offer surcharge-free foreign transacti…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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“Coming Soon” Not Soon Enough With VTA
News from NBC Bay Area:


The credit and debit card readers on the Valley Transportation Authority’s ticket vending machines are not working more than two years, and $ 6 million after they were supposed to have been functional. Santa Clara County taxpayers paid for the improvements, but it’s still not possible to use a debit or credit card to purchase a ticket with VTA. 

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit followed an intriguing paper trail that uncovers a series of missed deadlines and reveals the debit and credit card option was “coming soon” almost three years ago.

VTA management signed a contract in August 2009 that started the process of upgrading the ticket vending machines to accept debit and credit cards. And in 2010, VTA’s marketing department paid for signs on every machine that promise debit and credit cards would soon be functional. The signs r…………… continues on NBC Bay Area

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